Definition of gentleman-at-arms in US English:



  • One of the bodyguards of the British monarch on ceremonial occasions.

    • ‘Rather, Virginia was conceived in the 1580s by English merchants, mariners, and gentlemen-at-arms who wanted to build an empire in America.’
    • ‘His widow, unable to give employment to Iñigo, introduced him to her relative the Duke of Nájera, who was the Viceroy of Navarre, and Iñigo settled as his gentleman-at-arms.’
    • ‘King Henry V's beautiful widow, Catherine, is determined to marry Owen Tudor, a Welsh gentleman-at-arms, but her life is overshadowed by the various powerful men close to the throne.’
    • ‘He was a gentleman-at-arms who attended Henry VIII at The Siege of Boulogne in 1544.’