Definition of gentleman's agreement in US English:

gentleman's agreement

(also gentlemen's agreement)


  • An arrangement or understanding which is based upon the trust of both or all parties, rather than being legally binding.

    • ‘Although the group drew up all the appropriate legal papers to form the corporation and to establish by-laws, many things were done by gentlemen's agreements.’
    • ‘Opposition parties accused the Conservatives of breaking a gentleman's agreement to rotate the role of Swindon Mayor between parties.’
    • ‘‘There's been a gentlemen's agreement over time by both parties that you only do redistricting in a year ending in one,’ explains the Representative.’
    • ‘Traditionally police have a gentlemen's agreement with these institutions - they butt in only if invited because they trust schools and churches to police themselves.’
    • ‘This problem was initially ‘solved’ by a gentleman's agreement among publicly funded scientists who worked with gene sequences.’
    agreement, arrangement, deal, bargain, settlement, pledge, promise, pact, compact, contract, concord, treaty, covenant, bond
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gentleman's agreement

/ˈjen(t)lmənz əˌɡrēmənt/