Definition of gentian violet in US English:

gentian violet


  • A synthetic violet dye derived from rosaniline, used as an antiseptic.

    ‘she painted my wound with gentian violet’
    • ‘Some surgeons want to use bait point pens to mark the surgical site, but we have one surgeon who insists that gentian violet and methylene blue are the only two dyes approved to be used on a patient's skin.’
    • ‘For those who might be stimulated by this letter to try gentian violet for impetigo, the agent must be kept away from the cornea.’
    • ‘Individuals were marked for recognition when necessary with gentian violet.’
    • ‘The isolated CD4 + T-cells are then stained with gentian violet and trypan blue.’
    • ‘One of the oldest antifungal antiseptics available is gentian violet, which is very effective although extremely messy, staining everything it touches.’


gentian violet

/ˈjenCHən ˈvī(ə)lət/