Definition of genre painter in US English:

genre painter


  • See genre painting

    • ‘Boilly established his reputation as a talented portraitist and genre painter at the Paris exhibitions from 1789 to 1824.’
    • ‘The moralising message that so typically underlies Dutch genre painters' realistic portrayal of everyday life is now completely eradicated.’
    • ‘Moreover, the genre painter, like the painter of still lifes, makes no judgments: he is interested, above all, in the objective contemplation of representative everyday life.’
    • ‘Whereas the other genre painters who put more women in their work typically paint more children as well - more than twice as many as the European average - Vermeer has no children whatsoever in his interiors.’
    • ‘Suppose it can be shown that Rockwell employed the pictorial strategies also found in the Dutch genre painters of the seventeenth century?’