Definition of genome map in US English:

genome map


  • A record of the entire genome of an organism, consisting of correctly ordered gene maps.

    • ‘This has resulted in very rapid progress of the canine marker genome map, which has facilitated identification of genes responsible for hereditary diseases.’
    • ‘Therefore development of genome maps may facilitate identification of genes influencing not only fur quality but also behavior traits.’
    • ‘We confirmed colinearity between the millet and maize genomes, predicted from rice and other cereal alignments, by placing 23 new RFLP markers and four genes from maize on the millet genome map.’
    • ‘In the years since, the human genome map has been finished and the gene estimate has been revised downward still further, to fewer than 25,000.’
    • ‘To understand the genetic basis of tame and aggressive behavior in the silver fox, it is first essential to have a genome map of the fox.’