Definition of genital herpes in US English:

genital herpes


  • A disease characterized by blisters in the genital area, caused by a variety of the herpes simplex virus.

    • ‘Secondly, future vaccines against genital herpes may prevent disease but not infection, and adolescents may be a target group for vaccination.’
    • ‘A study under way aims to determine whether an experimental vaccine is safe and effective in preventing genital herpes in young women.’
    • ‘Lemon balm can treat and prevent cold sores and genital herpes, both of which are caused by the herpes virus.’
    • ‘An effective way to estimate the future of HIV is to parallel it with genital herpes - another seemingly incurable virus with no incubation period.’
    • ‘The virus that causes genital herpes can also produce a lesion on the cervix.’