Definition of genip in US English:



  • 1The edible fruit of a tropical American tree.

    • ‘A man holds up a bunch of genips, oval green fruits with skin like a clementine orange and flesh like a grape.’
    • ‘Bougainvillea and hibiscus are in continuous bloom and while the coconut palms and seagrapes offer shade, the genips are ripe for picking and eating.’
    • ‘Mango, papaya and genips grow wild in the forest, which is not technically a rain forest but looks the part with dripping trees and muddy trails to hike along.’
    • ‘As we munched on genips and slapped mosquitoes, we were entertained by numerous and colorful birds, which would make a bird-watcher cringe with envy.’
    • ‘Some that may be new to you and worth trying are genip, soursop, sugar apple, figs, tamarind and sea grapes.’
  • 2Either of two tropical American trees that yield genips.

    another term for genipapo

    (also 'guinepɡiˈnep') a large spreading tree (Melicoccus bijugatus, family Sapindaceae)

    • ‘The Turks & Caicos National Museum was originally called Guinep House after the large genipap tree in the front yard.’
    • ‘Almost a hundred years later, the ingazeiros, the genipap trees and the trees of noble wood seen during the expeditions of the geographical commission have disappeared.’
    • ‘Some seeds germinate; and if they are left alone, they will grow into a guinep tree that eventually bears fruit.’
    • ‘Certain tropical fruit trees produce perfect flowers with male and female sexual parts (guavas and passion fruits) while other types have trees of separate sexes (genips and date palms).’


Mid 18th century: from American Spanish quenepo ‘guinep tree’, quenepa, denoting the fruit.