Definition of genever in US English:


(also geneva)


  • Dutch gin.

    • ‘While I sample a Heineken, an old genever or two and a portion of marinated herring, she is busy ransacking the airport shops for free samples.’
    • ‘The restaurant cooks all its dishes in genever - a tasty gin-based Belgian liqueur - and offers fruit-flavoured shots of the stuff at any time throughout the meal.’
    • ‘British soldiers campaigning in the Low Countries in the 16th century were so impressed by the effects of a nip of genever as to coin the expression ‘Dutch courage’.’
    • ‘Unlike most gin, young, genever is lighter and drier.’


Early 18th century: from Dutch, from Old French genevre, from an alteration of Latin juniperus (gin being flavored with juniper berries). The variant spelling is due to association with Geneva.