Definition of genetically modified in English:

genetically modified

(also GM)


  • (of an organism or crop) containing genetic material that has been artificially altered so as to produce a desired characteristic.

    ‘genetically modified viruses to insert new genes into growing plants’
    • ‘This is likely to be a useful tool for the characterization of genetically modified plants.’
    • ‘I want to allay any fears that the wheat to be donated is genetically modified.’
    • ‘The Japanese have genetically modified onions that suppress the enzyme which causes weeping.’
    • ‘The organism is genetically modified and is likely to directly or indirectly enter the human food chain.’
    • ‘Leaf disks are made of the target species the plant species that will be altered, genetically modified, or transformed.’
    • ‘Researchers are developing genetically modified poppies producing artificially high thebaine levels.’
    • ‘Are they just experimenting with genetically modified wheat or are darker deeds going on behind the heavily fortified walls?’
    • ‘You've been an outspoken critic of genetically modified foods and genetic engineering.’
    • ‘He is equally emphatic in his opposition to genetically modified food which he thinks is being propelled by the multinationals.’
    • ‘Added to this is the routine addition of antibiotic resistant genes to genetically modified plants by corporations.’
    • ‘When the soyabeans are genetically modified they can lead to a host of health problems that have now been well documented.’
    • ‘It seems that genetically modified fruit and vegetables are engineered to last longer on the shelf.’
    • ‘The test was based on genetically modified viruses that infect only the tuberculosis bacteria.’
    • ‘The use of genetically modified organisms is prohibited, but not all farms are organic.’
    • ‘The new sprouts are not genetically modified in the sense of having artificial genes introduced from other species.’
    • ‘Whether such genetically modified vines can retain the same variety name remains to be legally tested.’
    • ‘The legislation to allow the release of genetically modified organisms was passed in 1996.’
    • ‘It is not impossible for organic and genetically modified agriculture to coexist.’
    • ‘Now that the genome is known, scientists hope to accelerate the rate of evolution creating a range of genetically modified birds.’
    • ‘The issue of labelling genetically modified foods is likely to come before the World Trade Organisation in the near future.’


genetically modified

/jəˌnedik(ə)lē ˈmädəfīd//dʒəˌnɛdɪk(ə)li ˈmɑdəfaɪd/