Definition of genetic marker in US English:

genetic marker


  • A gene or short sequence of DNA used to identify a chromosome or to locate other genes on a genetic map.

    • ‘His goal is to identify genetic markers capable of differentiating between closely related Hypericum species.’
    • ‘Currently, the two genetic markers most routinely used are the eye color genes white and rosy.’
    • ‘For instance, genetics experts have now produced a genetic linkage map of the horse: a series of genetic markers have been identified and placed on the horse's chromosomes.’
    • ‘So it's very good news that scientists have found genetic markers that easily identify broccoli varieties with natural resistance to downy mildew.’
    • ‘Analyzing genetic markers, on the other hand, unequivocally determines which genes are in a cultivar.’
    • ‘This map will provide scientists with a more accurate means to identify and locate novel genes and genetic markers in cattle.’
    • ‘Clones bearing unique sequences enabled the alignment of genetic markers onto chromosomes.’
    • ‘Selective breeding may be accelerated by identifying genetic markers associated with traits such as disease resistance or growth rate.’
    • ‘His possible genetic markers promise to help identify and locate the emergence genes on the chromosomes, one of the goals of the genome project.’
    • ‘In the present context, a molecular genetic marker is considered as a point on a pair of homolog chromosomes of a diploid species.’
    • ‘The researchers found strong evidence that a lung cancer susceptibility gene or genes is co-inherited with a genetic marker on chromosome 6.’
    • ‘The 12 genetic markers analyzed on chromosome 6 are listed in Table 1.’
    • ‘The use of genetic markers to identify parent-offspring relationships is becoming an important tool in molecular ecology.’
    • ‘We discuss other systems in which genetic markers might be useful in identifying cryptic morphs.’
    • ‘They've identified genetic markers for a single gene in barley that enhances aluminum tolerance.’
    • ‘At present many genes are considered useful as genetic markers of oral malignancy.’
    • ‘Such labs could identify genetic markers used in more traditional breeding programs and develop gene chips to be distributed to regional and national labs.’
    • ‘Earlier work showed that many genetic markers for barrel medic can be used to find genes in alfalfa.’
    • ‘For each replicate, the first sweep of a beneficial mutation was identified using genetic markers.’
    • ‘Map positions of genetic markers are depicted as circles on chromosomes.’