Definition of genetic mapping in US English:

genetic mapping


  • See genetic map

    • ‘In 1913, A.H. Sturtevant discovered that genes are arranged in linear fashion along chromosomes, establishing the basic principle of all subsequent genetic mapping.’
    • ‘Our point is that genetic mapping is a significant example of a powerful scientific development that will fundamentally change the way people live, if they live, and how they live.’
    • ‘The pilot phase was recommended to be a 5-year wheat genome project focused mainly on physical and genetic mapping along with sample sequencing of the wheat genome aimed at better understanding wheat genome structure.’
    • ‘Genetic mapping is especially laborious and time consuming when mapping synthetic phenotypes or when the mutant phenotype is very subtle.’
    • ‘Comparative sequencing revealed microsyntenic changes resulting from chromosomal structural rearrangements, which are often undetectable by genetic mapping.’