Definition of genetic map in US English:

genetic map


  • A graphic representation of a chromosome including the position of its genes.

    • ‘In the absence of a detailed genetic map and of knowledge about the sex-determining gene, this finding remained enigmatic.’
    • ‘Second, the candidate genes will be readily located once a promising region is identified as genetic maps are becoming densely populated with known genes.’
    • ‘The relative distances between the clones in relation to the chromosome length could be compared with their distances on the genetic map.’
    • ‘The construction of a genetic map is a first step toward understanding the mechanics of chromosomal interactions in polyploid organisms.’
    • ‘The genetic map of this chromosome is characterized by several clusters of cosegregating markers that were partly split by inserted TBs.’
    • ‘Ongoing investigations based on gene expression studies will help to identify candidate genes that will be further mapped on the oak genetic maps.’
    • ‘Thicker lines on the genetic map indicate map positions occupied by more than one marker.’
    • ‘Chromosomal maps fall into two broad categories - genetic maps and physical maps.’
    • ‘The rice genetic map can be divided into a set of linked genes, known as linkage blocks, that can be shuffled to represent the genetic maps of other cereal genomes.’
    • ‘From this we surmised that the genes we had identified encompass about half of the genetic map.’
    • ‘Single-pass sequencing of cDNA clones has been suggested as a rapid method of identifying genes, the mapping of which will enhance genetic maps.’
    • ‘A genetic map showing the 16 chromosomes of yeast is diagrammed.’
    • ‘The physical map of T. monococcum had perfect colinearity with the genetic map of wheat chromosome arm 5AL.’
    • ‘This information is used by a clone ordering algorithm and is represented graphically, allowing users to interactively align physical and genetic maps.’
    • ‘However, on the genetic map, the positions of centromeres have not been defined on all 12 rice chromosomes.’
    • ‘It would later be established that there is a linear correspondence between the sequence of genes in the genetic maps and the dark and light bands in the polytene chromosomes of the salivary glands.’
    • ‘However, until recently most comparative studies were coarse and based on genetic maps and various kinds of markers.’
    • ‘The construction of detailed genetic maps in several bacterial species soon revealed that the overall gene order was not conserved over a long evolutionary timescale.’
    • ‘The schematic diagram indicates the markers used in recombination analysis and their corresponding genetic map positions.’
    • ‘Information from genetic maps is used in linkage analysis to identify disease-predisposing genes.’