Definition of genetic load in US English:

genetic load


  • The presence of unfavorable genetic material in the genes of a population.

    • ‘Simplistically, the heavier the genetic load the earlier the onset and the lower the threshold for environmental triggering.’
    • ‘Using interval mapping to dissect genetic load, research showed a prevalence of semilethal rather than lethal factors in two conifers.’
    • ‘In his first year, he worked on the genetic load of chronically irradiated populations of D. melanogaster.’
    • ‘In a large out-breeding population, genetic load will be maximised but because of the out-breeding pattern, the number of reproductively detective offspring will be low.’
    • ‘Once this mating type dominates a population, it is very unlikely to break down even when the population becomes small because of the high genetic load it implies.’