Definition of genetic blueprint in US English:

genetic blueprint


  • (not in technical use) a gene map, or a genome map.

    • ‘Laboratory researchers have created genetic blueprints of the transformation from strong muscles and chromosomes to weak ones, rapid reflexes to slow ones, good eyes to poor ones.’
    • ‘Random changes in the genetic blueprint of the organism produce the novelties that allow natural selection to break through the natural limits.’
    • ‘Researchers say we have an exercise biology, meaning our bodies have a genetic blueprint that requires high amounts of physical activity to be healthy.’
    • ‘The Human Genome Project public consortium today announced that it has assembled a working draft of the sequence of the human genome - the genetic blueprint for a human being.’
    • ‘In 1932, Huxley predicted the kind of technical control over our genetic blueprint that we have recently accomplished.’
    • ‘The promise of genomics is using the genetic blueprint and the RNA and protein profiles to understand complex traits.’
    • ‘In addition, all organisms have their genetic blueprint encoded in nucleic acids, either DNA or RNA.’
    • ‘A comparison of Clint's genetic blueprints with that of the human genome shows that our closest living relatives share 96 percent of our DNA.’
    • ‘Each woman contains the genetic blueprint for normal birth and can trust the inherent integrity of her biology.’
    • ‘Additional studies seek to uncover new targets for vaccine development by determining the genetic blueprints for all malaria parasites.’
    • ‘Cancer is caused by a cell's genetic blueprint being abnormal.’
    • ‘By the end of the 1940s scientists had discovered that DNA contained an organism's entire genetic blueprint.’
    • ‘Regarded as the foundation for growth and development before birth, the kidneys contain the genetic blueprint for the next generation.’
    • ‘‘Human brain evolution required a major overhaul of the genetic blueprint - perhaps much more so than the evolution of other biological traits,’ he said.’
    • ‘As a biologist, however, I must point out that once a sperm cell fertilizes an egg, the genetic blueprint of a unique human being is established.’
    • ‘The race for the human genetic blueprint was fundamentally complex, scientific and technical.’
    • ‘Recently, the spectacular achievement of elucidating the entire genetic blueprint in a human genome was deservedly fêted as an historic milestone.’
    • ‘Polymerase enzymes are crucial components of all organisms and control the reproduction of the genetic blueprint when cells divide.’
    • ‘Egg and sperm each ‘donate’ 23 chromosomes, and the resultant 46 chromosomes form our genetic blueprint.’
    • ‘The Human Genome Project took nearly 13 years and millions of dollars to map the human genome, our genetic blueprint for life.’