Definition of generically in US English:



  • 1In a way that relates to a class or group of similar things; not specifically.

    ‘what most writers generically refer to as "world music"’
    • ‘They put out 2,000-piece kits generically labeled "Cars," "Boats," "Planes," "Dwellings," etc.’
    • ‘Set in a generically affluent suburb during October 1988, the film opens on a mountain road as dawn breaks.’
    • ‘Due to the similarity in function among thorns, spines, and prickles, we will generically refer to all plants bearing them as armed.’
    • ‘These methods may be somewhat less successful than those that rely more on generically applicable physical principles.’
    • ‘We might find water heaters, pumps, and other equipment—generically called "appliances" in most building codes—located in the attic or the crawlspace.’
    • ‘Blue light is usually generically defined as radiation from 400 to 500 nm.’
    • ‘We use the words "rhizome" and "shoot" generically to refer to all connections between ramets and all above-ground photosynthetic material.’
    • ‘He refers generically to alterations ordered by the military, then writes that the army did not censor his account of events or materially alter the book.’
    • ‘The term "organic mineral" is commonly used to describe generically any of several forms of trace minerals available in the feed industry.’
    • ‘A third group, generically called creeping thymes, includes T. serpyllum and T. herba-barona.’
    1. 1.1 As an unbranded name.
      ‘Prozac, generically known as fluoxetine hydrochloride’
      ‘most shorts are made of a stretchy fabric generically called spandex’
      • ‘A psychologist analyzed previously secret trials of the six most widely prescribed anti-depressants, generically known as SSRIs.’
      • ‘It can only do so if the prescription is written generically.’
      • ‘He was prescribed a drug, generically known as levodopa.’
      • ‘Developed in 1928, this material is sometimes referred to generically as linoleum.’
      • ‘This book will help introduce you to many of these new products, both generically and by specific brand names.’
      • ‘The drug, generically known as sibutramine, was supposed to be an anti-depressant, but patients who took it stayed depressed and lost weight.’
      • ‘In the days of yore, a soft drink would be generically labeled "root beer."’
      • ‘Dexedrine, generically known as dextroamphetamine, was developed in the 1920s, and was initially used to treat depression and obesity.’
      • ‘The drug is also known generically as mefloquine.’
      • ‘People have generally not tried to control bentgrass and similar species with Roundup, known generically as glyphosate.’
    2. 1.2derogatory In a way which lacks imagination or individuality; predictably and unoriginally.
      ‘generically nondescript musical numbers’
      ‘the characters were stiffly animated and generically designed’
      • ‘Your 360-degree evaluations come back short and full of generically positive comments, with one very mild criticism thrown in for credibility's sake.’
      • ‘The filmmaker has seemingly gone out of his way to paint the scenery as generically as possible.’
      • ‘Ever since the character with the penchant for third-person self-references came on the scene, they say the show has become less inventive and more generically cute.’
      • ‘We seem too anxious in the crafts to become generically contemporary and banally global.’
      • ‘Some of the new mutants are special, even if many of them feel generically characterized.’
      • ‘Do you think that these results can then just generically be applied to women?’
      • ‘Families are rarely ideal in literary novels, and this one seems almost generically dysfunctional.’
      • ‘I wish the commentators would tell us what we're seeing, but they are yapping generically about pageantry.’
      • ‘It gets generically formulaic.’
      • ‘Because they insist on considering the individual person generically, they undermine the particularities that ground the self and make it specific.’
  • 2Biology
    With reference to genus.

    ‘the group of aerobic bacteria generically designated as actinomycetes’
    • ‘They are so liable to be mistaken for parts of plants generically different, that they have given rise to much controversy.’
    • ‘It may be desirable to separate generically the species having the hemispherical apertures, median ciliated pore, and sublateral avicularium.’
    • ‘Neptis contains two astonishingly dissimilar insects generically, though superficially bearing some resemblance.’
    • ‘Its septal microstructure is not clear, and thus it cannot be definitely assigned generically.’
    • ‘The horn characters seem sufficiently different to separate these species generically.’
    • ‘It has been suggested that these organisms be designated generically as Arthrobacter.’
    • ‘Generically, it is nearly allied to Epidendrum, from which its eight pollen masses at once distinguish it.’
    • ‘Fragments of several fossils generically identical with those of the Applethwaite Beds are easily discoverable.’
    • ‘I use the name Ginkgoites for leaves that are believed to belong either to plants generically identical with Ginkgo or to very closely allied types.’
    • ‘It is a moth with which they have long been generically grouped.’