Definition of generative cell in US English:

generative cell


  • A reproductive cell, especially a cell of an angiosperm pollen grain that divides to produce two male gamete nuclei.

    • ‘Inspection of serially sectioned pollinated carpels indicates that approx. 89% of grains contain cytoplasm, a vegetative nucleus and nucleated generative cell.’
    • ‘The generative cell in angiosperms is invariably spindle-shaped, except in orchids.’
    • ‘Gametophytic apomixis can result from diplospory, in which the unreduced embryo sac originates from a generative cell, or apospory, in which the embryo sac develops from somatic cells of the ovule.’
    • ‘Both results taken together indicate that it was expressed in generative cells and in the vegetative cell of the pollen.’
    • ‘In the embryo sac, the double fusion of the generative cells with the egg cell and the two nuclei of the central cell give rise to the diploid zygote and the triploid endosperm, respectively.’