Definition of generational in US English:



  • 1Relating to or characteristic of all the people born and living at about the same time, regarded collectively.

    ‘generational differences in television usage’
    ‘we're seeing a generational shift in attitudes’
    • ‘This was also a year in which a generational shift seemed too striking to overlook.’
    • ‘Politics impacted on daily life owing partly to generational and structural changes in the main parties.’
    • ‘This tumultuous spring also marks a generational shift in Europe's political landscape.’
    • ‘This was the first time I saw a generational split that clearly divided the audience between the younger generation and the boomers.’
    • ‘In addition to economic changes, we are experiencing generational changes.’
    • ‘Broadly, there was a generational divide in the reaction.’
    • ‘I take it to be simply a matter of fashion, a generational thing.’
    • ‘The prime minister and the president have a generational rapport and an affinity of character.’
    • ‘The paradigmatic narrative of leaving suburbia while on the brink of adulthood can be mapped across generational difference.’
    • ‘That is why it has hit a generational nerve, as if no one had told that story before.’
    1. 1.1 Relating to the different generations of a particular family.
      ‘a compelling generational saga’
      • ‘There are often multi-generational families who are simply outside what he has called the real economy.’
      • ‘In some ways, rejection by a brother or sister is worse because it comes without the parental excuse of generational baggage.’
      • ‘It is also a generational film, of the passing of the mantle of leadership from elder to younger.’
      • ‘It relates to the specific context of his family during its generational shift away from manual labor into the upwardly mobile profession of painting.’
      • ‘These institutions have explored ways of enriching the experiences of groups as diverse as high school friends or a multi-generational family.’
      • ‘It need not be rendered as classic lineage descent, provided that generational depth is acknowledged as shallow.’
      • ‘Upon entering each unit, viewers are taken through a generational progression of each family.’
      • ‘The second is the generational name, and the given name is written last.’
      • ‘He underlines just how synchronous and immediate generational relations really are among the Inuit.’
      • ‘In fact, this movie isn't a generational family drama at all.’