Definition of Generation Yer in US English:

Generation Yer


  • A member of Generation Y (born in the 1980s and 1990s)

    ‘Generation Yers spend more time online than watching television’
    • ‘The average Generation Yer does not know the difference between a credit card and a debit card, according to a Bank of Scotland survey.’
    • ‘Such campaigns are a matter of attracting Generation Yers—the athletic-shoe-buying, free-spending 13-to-24-year-old generation—and of appealing to their parents at the same time’
    • ‘He is a buzzcut Generation Yer, whose chief amusement, when not channelling Obama on his laptop, is all-night videogaming.’
    • ‘By 2010, an estimated 63 million Generation Yers will have a driver's license.’
    • ‘In the workplace, "we might see some unplanned absences go up, especially among Generation Yers and Millennials".’
    • ‘Baby boomers are retiring, Generation Xers are opting out of long hours and Generation Yers are technology-savvy, looking for "give and take" workplaces.’
    • ‘Many employees, Generation Yers in particular, are looking for more than a paycheque.’
    • ‘Generation Yers don't expect to stay in a job, or even a career, for too long.’
    • ‘His research into a more selfish society does not sit well with one Generation Yer who said technology is creating a new type of global community.’


Generation Yer

/ˌdʒɛnəˌreɪʃən ˈwaɪər//ˌjenəˌrāSHən ˈwīər/