Definition of general store in US English:

general store


  • A store, typically in a small town, selling a wide variety of goods.

    • ‘Visitors can work at a farm stand or get behind a soda fountain in the old general store.’
    • ‘Riasat Ali, who runs a general store in the market, is angered by the plans.’
    • ‘The repair of the shutters on the old general store offered an additional learning opportunity.’
    • ‘The village has only a general store with a post office combined where years ago there were at least four shops here.’
    • ‘Antiques occupies a former general store built by the town's founder.’
    • ‘A few years ago, a woman in a small town in Texas put up the general store she owned for sale on eBay.’
    • ‘We bought ice cream at the general store from an authentic old person.’
    • ‘In their function, however, they're not unlike the general stores of frontier days.’
    • ‘In Huntington, a community of 2,500 people south of Burlington, the efficiency program has helped the owners of Beaudry's general store.’
    • ‘They were sold at the local general store, or exchanged for merchandise or store credit.’
    • ‘He eventually raised enough money to open a general store in Oneonta.’
    • ‘Tickets can be purchased from any firefighter, at Lowe's general store in the center of town, or at the supper.’
    • ‘In an embarrassment of poor acting, Lil approaches David at the general store.’
    • ‘Saturday began well, with the discovery of Swing's watch at a nearby general store.’
    • ‘In 1947 at the age of 17, he began to work at a general store owned by Hugo Ludwig, a German national.’
    • ‘Later in the fall of the year, J. H. Roberts started a general store, being the last business established in the town.’
    • ‘In addition to operating a general store, he traded in land.’
    • ‘They visited the general store only once every. five weeks, meaning they made do with less.’
    • ‘Restless, she wandered through the main floor of the century-old building, originally Moorcroft's first general store.’
    • ‘A third general store then opened up in Cleggs Lane in 1986.’