Definition of general practitioner in US English:

general practitioner

(British GP)


  • A medical doctor who is trained to provide primary health care to patients of either sex and any age.

    • ‘Five of the studies assessed the effect of continuing medical education on general practitioners.’
    • ‘Patients in local hospitals owned by local communities are treated by general practitioners.’
    • ‘The idea is for general practitioners to compare with patients a dummy medication with a real one.’
    • ‘None of the general practitioners personally showed patients how or when to use an auto-injector.’
    • ‘We asked all general practitioners and practice nurses to attend all three sessions.’
    • ‘Two patients chose to be treated by their general practitioner, giving too small a group to be included in the analysis.’
    • ‘The treatment can be delivered by suitably trained practice nurses or general practitioners.’
    • ‘About one third of general practitioners had treated refugees, but few staff had undergone training.’
    • ‘The nurse would direct the more serious cases to a general practitioner.’
    • ‘Patients want their general practitioners to listen and take them seriously.’
    • ‘This is true not only for general practitioners and nurses, but also for patients.’
    • ‘One possibility for reducing costs would be to use a nurse practitioner instead of the general practitioner.’
    • ‘The nurses contacted a general practitioner only if there was a particular issue with a patient.’
    • ‘Questionnaires are usually used and are completed by the patients and their general practitioners.’
    • ‘Patients expected their general practitioner to be aware of their diagnosis, which was often not the case.’
    • ‘This is usually done by either a gynaecologist, a general practitioner, or a nurse practitioner.’
    • ‘Patients seen by a nurse were referred to a general practitioner when appropriate.’
    • ‘Obstetric care by general practitioners is a declining service in Canada.’
    • ‘Perth has numerous specialists in skin diagnosis to whom general practitioners could refer patients.’
    • ‘We compared the ability of general practitioners and practice nurses to interpret three of these methods.’


general practitioner

/ˈjen(ə)rəl prakˈtiSH(ə)nər//ˈdʒɛn(ə)rəl prækˈtɪʃ(ə)nər/