Definition of general of the army in US English:

general of the army


  • An officer of the highest rank in the US Army, above general (awarded only in wartime).

    • ‘Although there was no national draft in placed at the time, George Washington - who was the general of the army of the colonies at the time - proposed that a draft should be put in place.’
    • ‘The ‘five star’ ranks of general of the army or field marshal, or equivalent, have been generally abolished except in time of full-scale war.’
    • ‘Above all, he thought the generals of the army painfully slow and inconsiderate to leave him in such mental agony.’
    • ‘He looked no short of an officer of great honor or perhaps a general of the army.’
    • ‘Hence, Gen. Ulysses S. Grant proposed in 1866 to place the Adjutant General under the control of the commanding general of the army, who was to be responsible directly to the president through the secretary of the army in all army matters.’


general of the army

/ˈdʒɛn(ə)rəl əv/