Definition of general meeting in US English:

general meeting


  • A meeting open to all members of an organization.

    ‘the directors present the accounts in a general meeting’
    ‘a General Meeting of the Senior Common Room’
    • ‘The news came after the general meeting held on May 29 and was announced by the fund's director.’
    • ‘Should we organize a general meeting and invite the community?’
    • ‘He said there should be an annual general meeting in July and a general meeting in December.’
    • ‘A great turnout of members attended the general meeting in Tramore House on Wednesday 14th.’
    • ‘All its final decisions are made by the membership in general meetings open to everyone, while its executive, contract committee, and salaried officers are accountable to the instructional staff they represent, and them alone.’
    • ‘Student unions have responded to this by scrapping union general meetings open to all students in all but a handful of universities, and replacing them with far less open ‘union councils’ which few students relate to.’
    • ‘The decision will now be put to all members at the general meeting.’
    • ‘The formal decision-making structure consists of members acting through general meetings, a Council and a Board.’
    • ‘Members demanded a general meeting of all shareholders.’
    • ‘Now there will be general meetings to prepare forums of debate which will take place from the beginning of March through to June.’
    • ‘The recommendation was made by the union at a general meeting of all butcher members yesterday.’
    • ‘The general meetings are the only meetings where all graduate students are allowed to vote.’
    • ‘The Member is/are entitled to be notified of, attend, and vote at all general meetings of members to consider such matters.’
    • ‘He said the union intended calling a general meeting for all its members over the weekend to ascertain their stance.’
    • ‘The draft constitution makes provision for an executive committee to implement decisions taken at annual general meetings and special general meetings.’
    • ‘We can only be an effective representative organization if our members attend general meetings and local committee meetings regularly.’
    • ‘Aside from the usual tribulations that general meetings undergo (agenda reviews, acceptance of previous meetings' minutes, etc.), the meeting's focus was the discussion of the fee increase.’
    • ‘He said that the bill would make it possible not to invite inconvenient cooperative members to the general meetings expected to make vital decisions.’
    • ‘The meeting was a scheduled general meeting of the Conference and was attended by all 34 bishops.’
    • ‘Extraordinary general meetings for members are expected to be held in about four weeks' time.’


general meeting

/ˈjen(ə)rəl ˈmēdiNG/