Definition of general counsel in US English:

general counsel


  • The main lawyer who gives legal advice to a company.

    • ‘At FEMA, Brown rose from general counsel to deputy director within a year.’
    • ‘Georgina Crawley joined the College Board in March 2004 as vice president and associate general counsel.’
    • ‘"He has great experience in litigation, regulatory and administrative law and will be a great asset as general counsel."’
    • ‘They never said they would accept the case, said Edward Marty, the court's general counsel.’
    • ‘George Freeman, assistant general counsel for The New York Times Co, said an appeal would be filed immediately.’
    • ‘William F. Sorin also resigned from his roles as senior general counsel and corporate secretary.’
    • ‘He replaced the head of Citigroup's scandal-ridden investment banking unit with his own general counsel.’
    • ‘Rogers joined the BJC staff in 1994 and five years later succeeded Brent Walker as general counsel.’
    • ‘He used to be "The Post" general counsel.’
    • ‘Bush's onetime lawyer, James R. Doty, a former SEC general counsel, certainly does.’
    • ‘Now, Addington has been Cheney's general counsel.’
    • ‘Stanley Brand, former general counsel to the House of Representatives joins me now.’
    • ‘Based in Florida, Mr. Gary is general counsel to Jesse Jackson.’
    • ‘He was now teaching at the Yale Law School after a stint as general counsel for IBM.’
    • ‘Crowell had been general counsel to Louisiana Pacific Corporation, the largest individual buyer of timber off national forests.’
    • ‘Booker was accompanied by his wife of 30 years, Carol, the general counsel of the U.S. Broadcasting Board of Governors.’
    • ‘From 1991 to 1995 he was Salem's executive vice president and general counsel.’
    • ‘Fema says its general counsel approved the action.’
    • ‘Franklin was the general counsel for the city from 1995 to 1997 during the term of Mayor John Delaney, who created the commission in 1996.’
    • ‘He started working with the airline in 1979 as outside counsel, joining in 1986 as general counsel.’


general counsel