Definition of genealogist in English:



  • See genealogy

    • ‘But genealogists have suggested that his claim would be undermined by an illegitimate birth in the 17th century which would prevent the title being passed on.’
    • ‘And I recognize I could not do my work without the genealogists and those detail-oriented folks who preserve the essential nuts and bolts of our past.’
    • ‘The bureau has turned to the genealogists of the Mormon church for expertise on how to build name-tracking databases.’
    • ‘The basic information for genealogy research is held there and genealogists go to Richard and the other librarians who staff the main desk when there is a query about a difficulty or something strange in the research.’
    • ‘People are hiring genealogists to shake their family tree to try to shake out a Scot so they can say they have a Scottish connection and join our organisation.’