Definition of genealogical tree in US English:

genealogical tree


  • A diagram showing the lines of descent of a human family or of an animal species, so named because its typical construction is like that of an inverted branching tree.

    • ‘Mutations were not superimposed on the genealogical tree.’
    • ‘Now imagine that in addition to observing the sampled chromosomes we were also told their complete ancestral history: the details of their genealogical tree at each locus and of the recombination and mutation events in that history.’
    • ‘There was constant debating about origins, confused identities, precarious genealogical trees.’
    • ‘We assume the existence of a constant molecular clock; that is, we assume that the mutation rate is constant along the branches of the genealogical tree and that evolution is independent along different lineages.’
    • ‘Nothing in the genealogical tree corresponds to the roots and leaves of the botanical tree, and nothing in the botanical tree corresponds to marriage relations in the genealogical tree.’
    • ‘A total of 10 genealogical trees were run for every set of parameters.’
    • ‘Once established, they are passed on from parent to offspring right down the genealogical tree.’
    • ‘Yet a genealogical tree by definition is dispersive, its entangled roots and branches difficult to trace or to structure in its past depth or present breadth, and certainly difficult to control or direct into the future.’
    • ‘As they point out, the deeper branches in genealogical trees will often represent lineages that have crossed the species range multiple times.’
    • ‘I chose the invention of a narrative that held out the possibility of recreating my genealogical tree, which has a very firm trunk, but whose branches had been mutilated and broken into tiny little pieces.’
    • ‘Following the metaphor further, looking at our genealogical tree, would we be embarrassed to find any outbreeding?’
    • ‘Variation at a particular site in the genome is the result of mutations occurring along the branches of the genealogical tree relating the homologous copies of that site.’
    • ‘The order of initials reads like a genealogical tree.’
    • ‘On illuminated scrolls and in heavy printed folios, on wall charts and in textbooks, they packaged history as a single genealogical tree.’
    • ‘For the simulation studies, we use the standard principles of the coalescent process to construct the genealogical tree of a sample and the associated time for each branch.’
    • ‘Indications of recombination include departures from proportionality of the lengths of corresponding branches in the genealogical trees of the two genes and differences in the numbers of segregating sites.’
    • ‘He offered him a piece of paper with a genealogical tree in neat black lettering.’
    • ‘Further, whatever genealogical tree is being invoked here, it will not be a straight or easily decipherable one.’
    • ‘Using a military doctor's census of lepers from the 1930s he identifies the families and clans then, via access to civil documents, establishes two or three of the first branches of a genealogical tree for each.’
    • ‘That's why we have the complex genealogical trees that start in towns like Chapel Hill, Louisville, or DC.’