Definition of gene map in US English:

gene map


  • 1A record of the DNA sequence of a gene.

    ‘a cancer gene map’
    • ‘Four years ago the human gene map for performance and fitness related traits had only 29 genes in it.’
    • ‘In total 37 groups of conserved synteny were identified in the deer and cattle maps and 48 conserved synteny groups were found in the deer and human gene maps.’
    • ‘Much annotation has already been done, and gene maps for all chromosomal regions are available on public databases.’
    • ‘Studying the fruit fly has been remarkably productive over the years, and is set to become more so now that the gene map, the largest so far, is complete.’
    • ‘The double-headed arrow below the tyrosinase gene map is the region sequenced for construction of phylogenetic trees of fishes.’
    • ‘A gene map of the original suppressing clone is shown.’
    • ‘DNA extracted from the blood will be held in an anonymous gene library and used to compare gene maps across family groups to identify and isolate the rogue genes.’
    • ‘While it took years to pin down the AIDS virus, the coronavirus that causes SARS was identified and its gene map sequenced and published in less than a month.’
    • ‘Almost overnight, dozens of companies backed by enthusiastic venture capitalists popped up, all promising to soon use the human gene map to make personalized medicine the norm.’
    • ‘One headline read: ‘Charles Darwin was right and chimp gene map proves it.’’
    • ‘We have gene maps, but they're not real useful unless we know about the underlying proteins.’
    • ‘They have been working on a gene map of the mouse brain since 1999 and hope to soon publish the location of several hundred genes.’
    • ‘The gene map is composed of 79 loci corresponding to 63 carbon metabolism genes and 59 loci corresponding to 44 stage-specific genes.’
  • 2A genome map.

    • ‘The expression of this to date has been those collective gene maps - the species' genomes - which are announced with great excitement every other week.’
    • ‘If you're still concerned about the difference between a gene map and a road map, the ‘Genome Mapping’ section makes that distinction with an interesting analogy.’