Definition of gene frequency in US English:

gene frequency


  • The ratio of a particular allele to the total of all other alleles of the same gene in a given population.

    • ‘Little attempt has been made to relate breeding ecology and population demography to spatial variances in gene frequency.’
    • ‘There is no discussion of the many factors that can change gene frequency and no discussion of the general apparatus of evolution.’
    • ‘These models were first used in biology to describe changes in gene frequency.’
    • ‘In phylogenetics, likelihood methods were applied first to gene frequency data and subsequently also to molecular sequences.’
    • ‘In fact, it would still be a case of evolution even if the change in gene frequency had no observable phenotypic effect (that is, no detectable difference between individuals with the different variants).’
    • ‘So evolution is always a two-step process, involving first developmentally mediated variation and then selection resulting in gene frequency change.’
    • ‘Numbers of positive signals were used as absolute gene frequencies of individual alleles in a population.’
    • ‘The results were extended to multiple generations by an approximation that did not take into account the change in gene frequency under repeated selection and random drift.’
    • ‘The process of genetic drift is a change in gene frequency arising from random events.’
    • ‘Traditional population genetics models have focused on measures such as the probability of identity and the covariance in gene frequency.’
    • ‘The scientists discovered small changes in gene frequency, the relative percentage of an allele compared to nearby genes.’
    • ‘Genetics might be adequate for explaining microevolution, but microevolutionary changes in gene frequency were not seen as able to turn a reptile into a mammal or to convert a fish into an amphibian.’
    • ‘He also showed that, with heterozygote advantage, the population ultimately approaches the neighborhood of a fixed gene frequency.’
    • ‘This effect is due to changes in gene frequency and the corresponding overestimation of phenotypic effects.’
    • ‘In addition to its effects on allelic frequencies within populations, natural selection is expected to affect the extent of divergence in gene frequency between populations.’
    • ‘Two dichotomous models based on gene frequency perturbations associated with selection at linked loci were proposed to explain the observations.’
    • ‘When studying the inheritance of a trait in these populations, it is assumed that gene frequency is robust and that gametic and zygotic selection are minimal.’
    • ‘Evolution itself has come to be defined as a change in gene frequency in a population.’
    • ‘Second, mathematical geneticists showed that the gene frequency change by mutation is much smaller than the change by natural selection.’
    • ‘This study included only male blood donors, whereas our study included a large population of male and female subjects, which may give a better representation of the gene frequency in the overall population.’