Definition of gene doping in US English:

gene doping


  • The transfer of genes or genetically modified cells into an individual as a potential method for illicitly enhancing athletic performance.

    ‘rules against gene doping might be difficult to enforce’
    • ‘Within a decade, most of today's synthetic performance-enhancing drugs - from anabolic steroids to erythropoietin - may be all but abandoned in favor of a far more effective strategy: gene doping.’
    • ‘Further, gene doping, a science that would render current tests irrelevant, looms on the horizon.’
    • ‘The indications are that gene doping will be a highly effective way of improving sports performance, and it will be impossible to detect in practice.’
    • ‘Consequently, rules against gene doping might be difficult to enforce.’
    • ‘He wrote that in addition to overall muscle enlargement, gene doping could be used to tweak genes to convert muscle fibres to the fast type for sprinters and to those with greater endurance for marathon runners.’