Definition of gene amplification in US English:

gene amplification


  • The multiple replication of a section of the genome, which occurs during a single cell cycle and results in the production of many copies of a specific sequence of the DNA molecule.

    • ‘Although the explanation for most of our metastases showing protein overexpression without gene amplification is unknown at this point, we noted a plausible explanation for the discordance in 2 of these patients.’
    • ‘Over-expression of this gene is a result of gene amplification or translocation and has been detected in many human cancers.’
    • ‘The protein coded by these genes is accumulated to high levels by feeding larvae and gene amplification has not resulted in different discernible functions.’
    • ‘The unexpectedly common association of palindromic DNA with gene amplification has stimulated interest in understanding how large DNA palindromes form.’
    • ‘Importantly, the technology eliminates the need for costly, time and labor intensive gene amplification or enzymatic interventions - two widespread methods currently used to perform such analyses.’


gene amplification

/ˈjēn ˌampləfiˌkāSH(ə)n/