Definition of gender gap in US English:

gender gap


  • The discrepancy in opportunities, status, attitudes, etc., between men and women.

    • ‘Because I am gay, my sexual proclivities are not hindered by a gender gap.’
    • ‘Is it because women share common interests or attitudes that there is a gender gap on support towards sovereignty?’
    • ‘In the same time period, they ran 392 articles on the gender gap.’
    • ‘So there's a big gender gap there in favor of men when it comes to Christmas spending this year.’
    • ‘The shrinking of the gender gap in income is ‘even more dramatic,’ he acknowledges.’
    • ‘Surprisingly, the gender gap in newspaper reading has little to do with working moms or the presence of children in the household.’
    • ‘There's quite a gender gap between the two candidates, isn't there?’
    • ‘Could it be that the most salient divide in our politics is not the gender gap, the marriage gap, or the religion gap, but instead the happiness gap?’
    • ‘Working off of that baseline, the gender gap may not be so remarkable.’
    • ‘This continuing gender gap becomes a larger problem as more and more women are responsible for the economic viability of their families.’
    • ‘There is a gender gap in this country, and there's a difference in the way women vote and men vote.’
    • ‘The results show the existence of a noteworthy gender gap.’
    • ‘He talked at one point about perceived problems of gender or a purported gender gap.’
    • ‘Though the gender gap in this sector has been reduced to some extent, contextualising the pedagogical system was of utmost importance.’
    • ‘But like other gender stories, the gender gap also conceals important political differences between women.’
    • ‘I've heard that knitting has crossed its traditional gender gap and now it's perfectly reasonable to see a guy working on a sweater while waiting for the bus.’
    • ‘However, there was something of a gender gap in responses.’
    • ‘The gender gap grew wider when football was added to the equation.’
    • ‘In Spain, however, there was no gender gap with 25 per cent of men and 25 per cent of women admitting they craved chocolate.’
    • ‘An emerging crop of young, talented female designers may change the gender gap in Indonesian fashion, traditionally dominated by men.’