Definition of gender expression in US English:

gender expression


  • The way in which a person expresses their gender identity, typically through their appearance, dress, and behavior.

    ‘they embrace a range of masculine and feminine gender expressions’
    ‘her gender expression is clearly female’
    mass noun ‘the fluid continuum of gender expression’
    • ‘Some people have had surgery or hormone therapy; some haven't; while others are fluid in their gender expression.’
    • ‘"There's a variety of ways of exploring gender expression without physical treatments," the doctor says.’
    • ‘The show, featuring a widely diverse cast "all over the gender expression spectrum" will be available to stream on their official website.’
    • ‘It is refreshing that she is playing a role whose arc is focused on another aspect of her life other than her gender expression.’
    • ‘The changes would see gender expression and gender identity included in the law.’
    • ‘"Even with the sexual orientation exemption, we are still firmly opposed to these bills," says the executive director, noting that there are no exemptions for gender identity or gender expression in the bills.’
    • ‘The organization works to advance equality based on sexual orientation and gender expression and identity.’
    • ‘In college, I was exposed to people like myself, people whose gender expression challenged the norms of femininity and masculinity.’
    • ‘It doesn't leave much room for many different kinds of gender expression.’
    • ‘A report released today highlights that a majority of LGBT students feel unsafe at school because of their sexuality and more than a third feel unsafe because of their gender expression.’