Definition of gender dysphoric in US English:

gender dysphoric

noun & adjective

  • See gender dysphoria

    • ‘But the fact is that people have to be ‘diagnosed’ as gender dysphoric and then satisfy a panel.’
    • ‘I was referred to the specialists and they diagnosed me as gender dysphoric.’
    • ‘Now that I'm working more closely with gender dysphoric individuals - particularly transsexuals - I'm keen to read a little more widely.’
    • ‘I believe it is because many people fail to understand the anguish and desperation that gender dysphoric people suffer and because they cannot identify with such a strange phenomenon that is so alien to their everyday experience.’
    • ‘I made the decision to use this particular phrasing because, of the thirty-odd gender dysphoric individuals I've seen so far, this is how they've discussed their experiences.’