Definition of gender bender in English:

gender bender


  • 1A person who dresses and behaves in a way characteristic of the opposite sex.

    • ‘Rather than being a viewpoint in support of homosexuality, it's more like an argument favoring an androgynous unisexuality that even most gender benders would find unreflective of their lives.’
    • ‘Living as a combination man/woman performance artist and social comedian, even going so far as to teach a class for beginning gender benders, she is a titan of taking chances and making myth.’
    • ‘But he skips the clumsiness associated with one gender pretending to be the other, instead allowing his female-to-male gender bender to exploit her new role with certainty and calculation.’
    • ‘It has shown us that there are people - gay, straight, trans, bi, gender bender, etc. - who do care for and love each other, and it showed us how a community can come together.’
    • ‘If you guessed that they're all gender benders, you're absolutely correct.’
  • 2Electronics
    A device for changing an electrical or electronic connector from male to female, or from female to male.


gender bender

/ˈdʒɛndər ˈbɛndər//ˈjendər ˈbendər/