Definition of gender-blind in US English:



  • Not discriminating or distinguishing between different genders.

    ‘she wants to see more gender-blind casting, and says she would like to play a female Sherlock Holmes’
    ‘the application process for the fellowship is gender-blind’
    • ‘Activists went on arguing fiercely against the gender-blind attitudes of the courts.’
    • ‘Students launched the "Restroom Revolution" last year in an effort to get university officials to open at least one gender-blind rest room in every residence hall.’
    • ‘The forward-thinking family policy has to be gender-blind, assuming both sides of a couple will choose to maximize their earning power and ambitions.’
    • ‘In response to the campaign, the University of Massachusetts will have two gender-blind bathrooms in one dorm when students return in the fall.’
    • ‘In the course of my career, I've had two bosses who were gender-blind when it came to the work force.’
    • ‘The university is united in its support of four tenets, including increasing domestic diversity on campus and creating a gender-blind campus housing option.’
    • ‘The social justice activists and devoted partners join us to talk about their upcoming wedding and the politics of gender-blind marriage.’
    • ‘This is a non-profit Shakespeare performance workshop for middle and high school girls with gender-blind casting in some of the juiciest roles in history.’
    • ‘The law should be gender-blind in both its content and its application.’
    • ‘"If adding gender-blind housing would make more people comfortable, it would make my job easier," the Resident Assistant said.’
    • ‘Rather than trying to tell people that they couldn't call themselves one gender or another, they rallied it huge number of troops for the creation of the gender-blind dorm.’
    • ‘The goal of the gender-blind hall, says the dean of student services, is to create a more comfortable environment for transgendered students.’