Definition of genal in US English:



  • See gena

    • ‘Its posterior margin runs at right angles to the longitudinal axis, before swinging inwards to form distinct genal angles and a genal epimeron on the left-hand side.’
    • ‘The genal spine of the very smallest specimens is about as long as the remainder of the cheek, and remains distinct until late in meraspid ontogeny.’
    • ‘Genal regions are angular but are not developed into genal spines.’
    • ‘The cephalon lacks definite genal spines, and the tail spine, insofar as it can be reconstructed, does not appear to have been very long relative to the body.’
    • ‘Outside this angle the cephalic margin curves backward and outward, forming a notch beneath which the antenna may have emerged, then curves backward into the genal spine.’