Definition of gemological in US English:


(also gemmological)


  • See gemology

    • ‘I dare say that most of the materials that gem people describe as opaque are quite likely translucent, yet this error is now so deeply entrenched in gemological literature that it probably will never be changed.’
    • ‘He is one of many gemologists who fear analytical chemistry will replace traditional gemological methods, making it the only way to examine diamonds and colored stones in the future.’
    • ‘Regardless of where you buy the ring, he stresses that the only guarantee of the quality of your diamond is a certificate from a properly recognised gemological laboratory.’
    • ‘Along with its sister laboratory in New York, it has become one of the leading gemmological institutions in the world.’
    • ‘Also for reasons I don't even want to think about, the newsletter usually carries an abbreviated article (with the author seldom identified) about some aspect of gemological testing.’