Definition of geminate in English:



  • Consisting of identical adjacent speech sounds, especially consonants; doubled.

    • ‘Some geminates, however, are clearly more morphologically distinct than others are.’


[WITH OBJECT]Phonetics
  • Double or repeat (a speech sound)

    • ‘For many words, however, the most common misspelling seems to be to violate conservation of geminates, and write the word with no doubled consonants at all.’
    • ‘Because gemination is common in Dravidian languages, double consonants in written English are often geminated: ‘sum-mer’ for summer and ‘sil-lee’ for silly.’
    • ‘Like English geminates and schwas, Hebrew matres lectionis have a more ambiguous relation to speech than graphemes that code consonants, for example, and are thus coded less effectively.’


Late Middle English: from Latin geminatus, past participle of geminare double, pair with from geminus twin.