Definition of Gemeinschaft in US English:



  • Social relations between individuals, based on close personal and family ties; community.

    Contrasted with Gesellschaft
    • ‘But this pre-modern Gemeinschaft conception of an all-encompassing community that members unreflectively endorse seemed distinctly ill-suited for complex and conflict-ridden large-scale industrialized societies.’
    • ‘Such religions play a crucial role in binding people together into tight Gemeinschaft communities and separating them from other communities.’
    • ‘All EU member states strive toward achieving a European Gemeinschaft without anticipating a particular political framework such as a federation, confederation or European commonwealth.’
    • ‘He has suggested that such communities preserve a residue of traditional Gemeinschaft amid the more individualistic and impersonal Gesellschaft of modernity.’
    • ‘It is less than a federation and more than a regime, a kind of confederation but not yet a Gemeinschaft, neither state nor ordinary international organization.’


German, from gemein ‘common’ + -schaft (see -ship).