Definition of gematria in US English:



  • A Kabbalistic method of interpreting the Hebrew scriptures by computing the numerical value of words, based on those of their constituent letters.

    • ‘Jewish gematria is an old and well respected magickal tradition, and of course Hebrew letters are equivalent to numbers in the first place, so that's not so controversial.’
    • ‘He does say that there was special significance in the number 18, since in gematria (an important method of divination among Jews at one time), this was the number equivalent of the word life.’
    • ‘I've been looking for someone who can help with my gematria!’
    • ‘A rundown of the Hebrew gematria can be found here.’
    • ‘Another important aspect in gematria are the numerical values of letters: A = 1, B = 2…’


Mid 17th century: from Aramaic gīmaṭrĕyā, from Greek gēometria (see geometry).