Definition of gelada in US English:


(also gelada baboon)


  • A brownish baboon with a long mane and naked red rump, native to Ethiopia.

    Theropithecus gelada, family Cercopithecidae

    • ‘Similar trends have also been observed for gelada baboons (Theropithecus gelada), in which altitude, which is highly correlated with ambient temperature, was found to correlate negatively with birth rate.’
    • ‘The gelada (T. gelada) is the only cercopithecoid examined that retains the potential for exonization, while all Great Apes retain this potential.’
    • ‘The current world population of geladas is estimated to be between 100,000-200,000, but subpopulations are isolated, and the species is listed by the United States Endangered Species Act as Threatened.’
    • ‘We also repeated some analyses with data from the researchers, who used foraging-group size for the gelada and hamadryas baboon.’


Mid 19th century: from Amharic č'ällada.