Definition of gel pen in US English:

gel pen


  • A pen that uses a gel-based ink, combining the permanence of oil-based ballpoint ink and the smooth glide of water-based ink.

    • ‘She opened the bag and pulled out an undersized book and a purple gel pen.’
    • ‘‘Um, nothing,’ I answer, and continue writing furiously with the orange sparkle gel pen I got from someone.’
    • ‘However, I notice that nobody mentions that most gel pen ink seeps through the silky pages and often stains the facing page too.’
    • ‘It was with this style that he took to drawing the innards of old televisions and computers with intricate detail, all in various colors of ball-point and gel pen.’
    • ‘I loved his desk because it was covered in gel pens and big markers, and there was a big cork board to pin your drawings on.’
    • ‘The script was faint, in groovy gel pen colors, quite unsteady, address elements out of order and the stamp on the left.’
    • ‘Neat, slender script filling two thirds of its pages, words written in blue Crayola crayon, then indigo gel pen, then smooth navy blue ink.’
    • ‘Now with a glitter pen, or gel pen, write ‘Happy Valentine's Day’ all around the candy canes, forming a line of repeated verse.’
    • ‘So I grabbed the metallic roll gel pen and paper and wrote.’
    • ‘Try water colours, acrylic paints, pastels and coloured paper, coloured modelling clay, ordinary air-drying clay, origami paper, rubber printing stamps and gel pens.’
    • ‘The walls of the tiny room were completely covered in writing; silver marker, gold marker, black permanent marker, spray paint, carvings with knives, paint, pencil, ball point pen, gel pen, etc.’
    • ‘‘I have started using those gel pens these days,’ he is quick to add.’
    • ‘Notes are written in a variety of gel pens and unobtrusively handed to their respective delegations by assigned note-passers.’
    • ‘She gave me a really cute kitty card, two multicolored gel pens, and a little journal just for me.’
    • ‘We're making a note of that, using a pretty, glittery gel pen.’
    • ‘Two Christmases ago I bought a silver and a gold gel pen to accent and decorate mats for pictures with a Christmas theme.’
    • ‘The writing was in pastel blue gel pen, with the glitter in it.’
    • ‘There was no way I was going to be able to write a long positive letter to the person whose name was scrawled in front of me in loopy pink gel pen.’
    • ‘Keep things simple with beaded necklaces, fingernail polish, and message bracelets made with gel pens and rubber bands.’
    • ‘She had a friend draw over it with a gel pen to make it look like a fake tattoo.’