Definition of gefilte fish in US English:

gefilte fish


  • A dish of stewed or baked stuffed fish, or of fish cakes boiled in a fish or vegetable broth and usually served chilled.

    • ‘Now be off with your ideas of sensational matzah ball soup, gefilte fish, cholent and lox.’
    • ‘Many people find gefilte fish to be disgusting.’
    • ‘The gefilte fish of Jewish tradition is simply a quenelle of fish en gelée that is common in classical French cooking.’
    • ‘We'd moved so far away, my father didn't even know what gefilte fish was.’
    • ‘Our holiday menu also included such exotic dishes as gefilte fish and chopped liver.’
    • ‘Israeli food, with its Middle Eastern, North African and European heritage, is much more than chicken soup, bagels and gefilte fish.’
    • ‘The aroma on the street was also strange… an amalgam of incense and gefilte fish.’
    • ‘There are many anecdotes about carp swimming in his grandmother's bathtub, soon to become gefilte fish.’
    • ‘According to two fish-cutters at the New Square Fish Market, the carp was about to be slaughtered and made into gefilte fish for Sabbath dinner when it suddenly began shouting apocalyptic warnings in Hebrew.’
    • ‘But you can still walk in Runyon's footsteps, drinking java, eating gefilte fish or a bowl of chicken soup with matzoh balls followed by cheesecake in the same few blocks.’
    • ‘Your outfit is more like gefilte fish and caramel: two tastes that need to be kept as far away from each other as possible.’
    • ‘Menu items include fried gefilte fish with a green sauce, roasted baby lamb with potatoes and herbs, and a flourless chocolate cake.’
    • ‘As for pork steamed buns, they're like gefilte fish - if they don't trigger something warmly familial in your memory bank, get the first bite down and move on.’
    • ‘It was therefore the food of the Ashkenazi - chopped liver and gefilte fish, salt beef and latkes, cholent and borscht - which predominated there for many years.’
    • ‘For example, the Eastern European Jews began the tradition of eating gefilte fish to break the Yom Kippur fast.’
    • ‘Then she'll get together with a group of friends to make gefilte fish, a mousse of three types of fish, using her late mother-in-law's recipe.’
    • ‘Differences like gefilte fish versus mayonnaise on white bread do not pose a major threat to the stability of a marriage.’
    • ‘Though they are not as popular in North America as they are in Europe, carp are most often used for preparing gefilte fish.’
    • ‘You're meant to marvel and then place the fish into a safe place, and take it to the king, not bonk it over the head and turn it into gefilte fish.’
    • ‘Besides, with a menu that includes pickled tomatoes, gefilte fish, hard-boiled eggs, wine mixed with apples and nuts, chicken soup and potted brisket, how can you go wrong?’


Yiddish, ‘stuffed fish’, from filn ‘to fill’ + fish.


gefilte fish

/ɡəˈfiltə ˌfiSH//ɡəˈfɪltə ˌfɪʃ/