Definition of gear ratio in US English:

gear ratio


  • (in a gearbox, transmission, etc.) the ratio between the rates at which the last and first gears rotate.

    • ‘But with a geared transmission, you have to choose whatever speed the given gear ratio provides.’
    • ‘Since cyclists' legs can only produce a limited force and work best at specific speeds, or cadences, a variable gear ratio allows one to maintain an optimum pedaling speed while covering varied terrain.’
    • ‘There are the basic tweaks available such as gear ratio, et al. but one needn't bother themselves with even looking at those screens since they don't seem to make much difference to the handling of your vehicle.’
    • ‘Though the options are limited in comparison to its console brethren, you still have the chance to alter steering speed, gear ratio, tire type, braking and exhaust.’
    • ‘You can adjust your tires, gear ratio, suspension, anti-roll and brake bias - you know, the typical car stuff.’
    • ‘The desired gear ratio is determined for each given set of powertrain variables.’
    • ‘This gearing raises the apparent inertia of the motor by the square of the gear ratio, and the high back-drive friction of the gears makes the impedance even higher.’
    • ‘Plus, a supercharger lets you get the torque up while running a lower gear ratio for fuel economy.’
    • ‘Players can tweak tire usage, the suspension, gear ratio, power ratio and steering.’
    • ‘But that kind of gear ratio might not be as practical for off-road use, and at slower ground speeds with higher engine speeds, construction users could see lowered fuel economy.’
    • ‘These include tire compound, downforce, gear ratio, engine setup, and fuel level.’
    • ‘It has huge torque and its tractor-like gear ratio allows it to climb over rocks higher than its wheels.’
    • ‘If an automatic cut-off mechanism is introduced and a consumption-oriented gear ratio is included, this will result in consumption savings of up to 38%.’
    • ‘The team also found the gear ratio will have to be adjusted to compensate for the increase in RPMs caused by the tire fall-off.’
    • ‘Since track cyclists are unable to switch gears during the course of a race, the choice of gear ratio is very important.’
    • ‘Each turbine was geared to its adjacent wheel, the gear ratio being 12 to 1; the maximum rotational speed of the turbines was 2,400 rpm, which gave a maximum road speed of 28 mph.’
    • ‘It will take some time to get used to it and we need to get the right gear ratio, but I think we're doing okay.’
    • ‘Matching the correct tire composition, suspension, gear ratio, and tire pressure to the corresponding track is a nice touch but is oversimplified for hard core racing fans.’
    • ‘If you want more leverage on the rear wheel, you need to change to a lower gear ratio or use longer cranks for the same gear ratio.’
    • ‘The starting mode is an input split; then, at a synchronous point around 20 mph, a fixed gear ratio of about 1.7, it shifts to a compound split.’