Definition of geanticline in US English:



  • A large-scale anticline or upward fold of stratified rock.

    • ‘He suggested that the median geanticlines were absent, and that the geosynclines were actually wedge-shaped accumulations of strata.’
    • ‘It has also been suggested that this geanticline or ridge has been subjected to denudational processes since its origin in the early Palaeozoic times, but it has become the highest mountain range in the world and it is still rising.’
    • ‘These folds were called geanticlines and geosynclines.’
    • ‘Shortly afterwards, the two basins, including the central geanticline, began to subside rapidly.’
    • ‘It is a typical island-arc structure with its characteristic physiographic features, such as a deep oceanic trench, a geanticline belt, a volcanic inner arc and a marginal basin.’


Late 19th century: from Greek gē ‘earth’ + anticline.