Definition of gazing ball in US English:

gazing ball


  • A garden ornament in the form of a sphere made from a reflective material such as mirrored glass or polished metal, often mounted on a stand.

    • ‘We also photograph: a) a gazing ball to obtain additional information about the environment, b) the device for illumination data, and c) material samples so we can match the color of synthetic and real objects.’
    • ‘A favorite sculpture, piece of driftwood, gazing ball, or treasured stone can contribute to the feeling of personal ownership and give the garden a finished look.’
    • ‘We also installed gazing balls, fixed with silicone, onto the tops of the columns for a bit of whimsy and color.’
    • ‘Gazing balls, usually set among garden beds, make a shimmery statement when used in displays either with their tree ornament cousins or on their own around the house.’
    • ‘The gazing ball of the title, sitting with potent modesty on a small base on a picnic table, encompasses a reflection of the much larger summer scene.’
    • ‘Within minutes after I added a gazing ball to my flower bed, I watched a humming-bird arrive to inspect her own dancing reflection in the shiny gleaming sphere.’
    • ‘If you have in the middle of your lawn several trees, a gazing ball, some small flower beds, and a utility pole all scattered about, you will waste a lot of your time and effort just mowing around all these individual obstacles.’
    • ‘But if these ideas are still too tame, you could always try pink flamingos or a gazing ball.’
    • ‘The blue hues are echoed by a gazing ball, cushions on a chaise longue, and a ceramic birdbath.’
    • ‘Besides flowers use gazing balls, backyard furniture, ribbons, and other yard decorations.’
    • ‘Whatever your desire, large or small, orbs, obelisks, arches, antique urns, benches, gargoyles, griffins, gongs, or gazing balls, there is something that will appeal to all.’
    • ‘One could be used as planter or to hold a gazing ball.’