Definition of gazillionaire in US English:



  • An extremely rich person.

    ‘it's really not hard to look fabulous when you're a gazillionaire in your early 20s’
    ‘I've never claimed to be a gazillionaire—the press labeled me one’
    • ‘If he was a gazillionaire and he was providing tax relief to other gazillionaires then I'd have a problem.’
    • ‘I guess being a gazillionaire makes up for being the ugliest man in the world.’
    • ‘He and his brother, Barry, sold their high-profile, high-performing furniture stores to gazillionaire Warren Buffett a few years ago, but Buffett was smart enough to let the brothers keep doing their thing.’
    • ‘Maybe I'll become a regular on the show and then I'll be a gazillionaire just like them!’
    • ‘I'm curious as to what two gazillionaires hope to gain by suing their nanny.’
    • ‘Years later, some of his corporate friends have become "gazillionaires," he says, but he wouldn't want to leave the theatre to switch places with them.’
    • ‘Whether it is car czars or bank barons, there's not lot of love for gazillionaire executives these days.’
    • ‘Several months later, eBay agreed to buy the company for $1.5 billion, and Thiel and his co-founders became gazillionaires before the age of 35.’
    • ‘This in turn allows the gazillionaires who run these multinationals and conglomerates an unhealthy sway over government policy.’
    • ‘Oil gazillionaire J. Paul Getty once offered this formula for achieving financial success: "Rise early," he intoned, "work late, strike oil."’


1980s: from gazillion, on the pattern of millionaire.