Definition of gay liberation in US English:

gay liberation


  • A movement to eliminate social and legal discrimination against homosexuals.

    • ‘Some of the most impressive feminists and champions of gay liberation found their voices initially in campaigns for African-Americans and other oppressed peoples of color.’
    • ‘It changed the social and cultural fabric of 1970s America and became the soundtrack for sexual revolution and gay liberation.’
    • ‘The name ‘Queer Theory’ has recently been adopted by the avant-garde of gay studies whose work in cultural theory is linked with political movements for gay liberation.’
    • ‘Looking back on his life and achievements, you get a sense of just how far gay liberation has come - he was a big part of prodding that social movement forward.’
    • ‘In the 30 years since the first Gay Pride march, there has been a massive retreat from the ideals and vision of the early gay liberation pioneers.’
    • ‘I'm not saying the socialist leaders of the last century were enthusiasts for gay liberation.’
    • ‘With this book, he attempts to reassert the historical continuity of leftist political activism and the relatively young gay liberation movement, and to win back gays and lesbians who have drifted rightward over the past decade.’
    • ‘The 1950s studio melodrama, after all, predates gay liberation.’
    • ‘She sees it as a measure of how far things had moved that ‘Gay women, with a new confidence inspired by gay liberation, were beginning to make the decision to have children on their own.’’
    • ‘Of course, there is a critique of heterosexuality, marriage and monogamy that's well represented in gay liberation's best and most radical tradition.’
    • ‘Dressed in an elegant suit and displaying a formal, almost aloof, bearing, he seems far removed from the days of free love and gay liberation.’
    • ‘Likewise, the post-1960s differentiation of American society caused by sexual and gay liberation and the rise of popular subcultures has added another, trans-ethnic layer of multiculturalism.’
    • ‘The philosophers helped to break out beyond that so that it became a moral and political issue, like racism, sexism or gay liberation.’
    • ‘In full preacher mode, he is probably the most electrifying speaker in the country, and his speech not only addressed police brutality and racial profiling but also abortion rights, environmental justice and gay liberation.’
    • ‘Since the radical roots of gay liberation have been suppressed, young people coming out have only a glancing sense of where their community comes from.’
    • ‘In the 1970s it spawned second-wave feminism and gay liberation.’
    • ‘The parade seems sanitized of its original rebellious spirit of gay liberation by the push of commerce above all.’
    • ‘Black, feminist and gay liberation movements and the Greens have fought legal battles for rights, but they also have advocated and carried out various kinds of cultural politics.’
    • ‘You had your black liberation; you had your women's liberation; you even had your gay liberation.’
    • ‘Given that feminism and gay liberation were important political movements, recent art work unsurprisingly made gender and sexual orientation important.’