Definition of gawkily in US English:



  • See gawky

    • ‘However, Meg approached him, and gave him a big hug, while Ryan shuffled his feet gawkily, staring at them from outside his shoes.’
    • ‘Samuel went over to my brother and they shook hands, gawkily.’
    • ‘Snapping out of my stupor, I quickly turned around (hiding my by-now tomato-like face) and jammed the keys gawkily into the keyhole.’
    • ‘Everybody had the impression that he molded her out of clay, although when you see her on a screen it seems impossible she was ever any different from how she is now: gawkily girlish, charmingly direct, unemphatically shrewd.’
    • ‘We stood there in awkward silence, shuffling our feet gawkily like ducks do when they are hungry.’