Definition of gavage in English:



  • The administration of food or drugs by force, especially to an animal, typically through a tube leading down the throat to the stomach.

    • ‘The test substance is usually administered orally by gavage using a stomach tube or a suitable intubation cannula.’
    • ‘The reason that we did not treat the animals immediately after the nerve repair was to avoid the loosening of suture line on the skin caused by grasping the animals for gavage, which might cause serious inflammatory reactions.’
    • ‘Whether feeding by gavage, nippling formula, or expressed human milk, or feeding directly at breast, the infant's behavioral state and neuroregulatory system should be taken into account.’
    • ‘If an infant is being fed by gavage, it is better to supplement by mixing breast milk with formula because the breast milk contains lipases that help with fat absorption.’
    • ‘The rats were administered orange oil by gavage till the end of experiments.’


Late 19th century: French, from gaver force-feed from a base meaning throat.