Definition of Gauleiter in US English:



  • 1historical A political official governing a district under Nazi rule.

    ‘he was appointed Gauleiter of Danzig’
    • ‘He erected his strategy into a ‘shield philosophy’ protecting France from the possible rule of a Gauleiter.’
    • ‘On 18 September Himmler wrote to the Gauleiter in Warthegau, Greiser, informing him.’
    • ‘The sadistic Hapsburg landburgher was clearly modelled on a Hitler-era Gauleiter, or military governor.’
    • ‘The ostensibly centralist organization of the administration in the Third Reich was in reality punctured by varying forms of partial authorities, regionalisms, and the satrap politics of the National Socialist Gauleiters.’
    • ‘He may feel revulsion at Hitler's lack of humanity; he may despise the boorishness of the Nazi Gauleiters.’
  • 2An overbearing official.

    ‘as Gauleiter of Formula One, he has problems with some drivers’


1930s: German, from Gau ‘administrative district’ + Leiter ‘leader’.